Evaluate the branding of your company yourself.

Discover new insights, open new perspectives.

Are you as proud about your branding as you are about your products or services?

Your company develops top-quality products or services. But will your branding, design and communications reach te same high quality level. Sixy evaluates, offers insight and inspires to achieve the same top quality.

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Why would you evaluate your branding ?

Have you ever met a ‘normal’ company ? We haven’t. Every company has something unique, something original. Especially family businesses. Authentic, unique, sustainable, original companies are in any case more attractive and more competitive.

How does the branding translate the DNA of the company ? At a glance you know if both are in agreement. Or you know that corrections bring the brand spot on its objectives. The level and the ROI of Sixy make that the corporate story is told as it should be.


For whom?


Organizations and corporate structures for which measuring and controling the brand image becomes a undisputed asset.


Every family entrepreneur who estimates the measurement and management of brand values are as important as the development of their own products or services.


Any company or organization that wants to measure its image as employer brand.