I have questions about my login as a customer?

Please contact us. We will help you further.

Is the Sixy evaluation GDPR-compliant?

Your data and those of your company are treated in accordance with the GDPR guidelines. The data of your respondents are anonymous in our processing. We do not store privacy data of respondents. As a company, you must be GDPR-compliant with regard to the respondents that you submit the evaluation. At the start we will request a written confirmation.

How many evaluations can I carry out?

During the duration of your account - 12 months - you can carry out several evaluations. We advise you to deal with this carefully and to ask your respondents for their evaluation only at relevant moments.

How many employees can carry out the evaluation?

Besides yourself, a second person in your company is authorized to carry out the evaluations. From the start up your colleague gets his own login and password. Just like your own personal login and password, they can not be shared with third parties.

I have several brands. For how many brands is the evaluation valid?

A Sixy branding evaluation is linked to one brand. If an evaluation is relevant for another own brand, you open a second, separate file.

Can I evaluate another brand?

Only the brands you or your company own can be evaluated by you.

How much consultancy do you attribute to my account ?

At the start of your account you will receive guidance and advice for ½ day. This can be done physically on the spot, by telephone or digitally. You take this time when you want; at the start-up, during the evaluation itself or afterwards, once the results are known.

What if I want more advice after the evaluation?

Depending on your demand or need, you will receive a proposal of time use according to our applicable fee rates.

Am I bound to Sixy if the branding needs to be strengthened?

If you need to strengthen your branding according to the evaluation, you are free to choose your partner. You have no obligation to us. If you want our advice, you will receive a quantified and detailed budget proposal.

Can I carry out the evaluation independently?

The concept of Sixy is to be 100% autonomous. Without any contact from our part, you will be able to steer and manage the entire process and discover the results on your dashboard.

Are all updates included in the account?

All updates are included during the duration of your account. If updates are carried out, you will be informed.

Is an upgrade possible?

If you wish an upgrade during the course of the account, eg. switch from up to 10 respondent groups to 20, or from independent to a family or corporate account, we will adjust your subscription according to the prices stated.

I have questions when drawing up the respondents?

Please contact us. We will help you further.