How the Sixy evaluation proceeds

Each brand has 6 essential basic values. Sixy evaluates these six values on the basis of a series of statements. Each statement is assessed on a scale of 1 (weak) to 10 (strong). The respondents are divided into categories, depending on their relationship with the brand: customer, retail, supplier, stakeholder, employee, management, owner, shareholder…

All results are presented on a dashboard in the form of the six-point matrix, broken down by group of respondents. Each of the 6 values occupies a position on the matrix. With these KPI you can work strategically on your branding, design and communication.


Which perspectives does Sixy offer ?

Is your brand known?

Before being recognized, a brand must be known. Known to everyone for whom the brand has added value, known there where the interested people live, speak and move, on the street, online, offline. To be known is not necessarily to be loved, but it is a first step.

How strong is your brand?

A strong brand is consistent, has a clear positioning, is emotionally binding. A strong brand shows, speaks, talks, guides, communicates and is accessible. A strong brand is distinctive from the competition and it holds a promise, every brand in its own way. In addition, it has acquired a personality, an identity, a reputation.

How convincing is your brand?

To convince, the brand shows a clear sign of interest in the customer. The better the brand assesses customer needs, the more attractive the brand becomes. Credibility grows out of that authentic care. A brand that can convince today thinks already beyond tomorrow.

What about your brand vitality?

Once the brand had an inspiration and brought something new to the market. She drew strength from it, built herself. Today, she continues to develop this dynamic. Every day, the brand renews its original promise. Strong brands are innovative. These brands move their markets, they are the game changers. Vitality is essential to be there tomorrow.

Does your brand inspire confidence? merk in ?

The very first time a brand is bought, it is credible, otherwise the customer doesn’t buy. The second time it’s a sign of trust. Trust creates reputations and recommendations grow. A strong brand is loyal, first of all to itself, then to its team and to its customers. Loyalty is mutual.

How will the next generation experience your brand?

Sustainable values determine the future. Many businesses are forced to reinvent themselves. Not paying attention can be fatal. Today, the customer is heard and social media creates a two-way communication. Socially responsible brands take energy and business out of it.

For whom ?


Organizations and corporate structures for which measuring and controling the brand image becomes a undisputed asset.


Every family entrepreneur who estimates the measurement and management of brand values are as important as the development of their own products or services.

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Any company or organization that wants to measure its image as employer brand.